The Almond Sector

Principal producers



This is the principal world producer of almonds (California and Florida), with a surface area of 350,000 hectares and an average annual production of between 850,000 and 900,000 tons.

It has an approximate market quota of 80%, nearly 70% is assigned to the external market and 30% to domestic consumption.

This is the second world producer with a surface area of 30,000 hectares and a production of approximately 70,000 tons. 90% of the plantations are irrigated. In 2015 and 2016 production is estimated to reach 90,000.

this is the third producer country with a surface area of approximately 400,000 hectares and an average production of 40,000 tons. It is in the process of reconversion. At the present time, there is a predominance of traditional rainfed plantations (93%), which are marginal and with a low average level of production of 125 kg/hectare.


The United States produces almost 22 times more almonds than Spain with less surface area planted.

The new high density almond plantations are an excellent opportunity to modernise the sector.