Varieties of Almond


At Novalmendro, we have multiple varieties of almonds. Among these, we highlight those for high density plantations;

Avijor Soleta® Guara® Belona®
Due to their earliness, productivity, self-fertilising,­ late flowering and kernel quality are the following;

For intensive layouts, we use others such as Marinada, Vairo, Constantí of the IRTA, Marta and Antoñeta of CEBAS. All of these are self-fertilising and late flowering.

All our varieties are from a meticulous genetic selection and have excellent uniformity andproductivity.

Our plants have excellent health owing to the fact that they are subjected to rigorous health check. They all have the corresponding “health certificate”.

Our varieties are grafted onto different dwarfing rootstocks (Rootpac 20 is the most used in high density plantations)