21_11Belona® (Obtenida por el CITA de Aragón)

This is a self-fertilising variety with late flowering (two or three days before), average ripening and average to high productivity. It has a certain resistance to freezing. Average to low alternation. Its kernel is large and has quality. Tolerant to Polystigma Fulvum.

Technical Data Sheet

Principal Characteristics

  • Robustness: Average
    Bearing: semi- open
    Branches: Abundant in the first years. Simple pruning
    Flowering: Late (2-3 days before Guara)
    Ripening: Average (beginning of September)
    Shell: Hard
    Performance: 27-35%
    Production: Average-high
    Fruit bearing: Located mainly on fruit spurs and to a lesser extent on mixed branches
    Tolerance: Average to cold
    Proneness: Tolerant to Polystigma Fulvum
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Characteristics of the fruit

  • Shape: Almond-heart shaped
    Size: big
    Average weight of the fruit: 1,30 g
    Double kernels: 0%
    Flavour: Very pleasant
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