20_11Guara® (Obtained by the CITA of Aragon)

This is a very early variety which is self-fertilising, late flowering, early ripening and high-very high productivity. Easy to prune and shape. Very rustic and not inclined to produce fruit one year every two. Average resistance to freezing. Sensitive to Polystigma Fulvum.

Technical Data Sheet

Principal Characteristics

  • Robustness: Average
    Bearing: Very open
    Branches: Average, scarce
    Flowering: Late
    Ripening: Early (beginning, middle of August)
    Shell: Hard
    Performance: 30-34%
    Production: High –very high
    Fruit bearing: Located on fruit spurs and advance branches
    Tolerance: Average tolerance to cold
    Proneness: Sensitive to Polystigma Fulvum and Fusicoccum
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Characteristics of the fruit

  • Shape: Almond-heart shaped
    Size: Average to small
    Average weight of the fruit: 1,00 g
    Double kernels: 10-20%
    Flavour: Pleasant
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